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Tuning Snafu

After loading a revised tune onto the car’s ECU I took a short drive and had a couple of alert lights come on the gauge cluster.  I plugged in the XTool to see what the problem was and the device could not connect with the ECU.

I decided I should return home, but now the car would not start.  I had to pull a MacGyver to get the bolts out of the ECU box, and then I disconnected the ECU, re-connected it, and then was able to start the engine to return home.  Upon arrival I hooked up VCDS and received the following alerts:

18010 – Power Supply Terminal 30
P1602 – 35-00 – Voltage too Low
16985 – Internal Control Module
P0601 – 35-00 – Memory Check Sum Error

The second one I had never seen before, but I immediately thought that maybe I hadn’t created a checksum on the latest bin that I had loaded on the ECU.  Looking in the folder with the development tunes I saw the latest file name lacked a CS at the end of the name, my indicator that the (C)heck (S)um had been set.  Doh!

It took unplugging the ECU for a while before I could get Nefmoto to connect to it, but finally it did and I was able to write a corrected file.

Lesson learned about staying vigilant when installing files on the ECU.

Still tuning the Turbo Concepts

I’m continuing to work on replicating the boost profile that the car operated at with the BorgWarner K04’s.  In this effort I am mainly concerned with the top end boost so that I can compare the pre-turbine backpressure produced by the Turbo Concepts Stage 1 turbochargers with that from the other logged turbo’s.  The current state of the boost profile is shown below:

Turbo Concepts Stage 1 Turbos Boost
Turbo Concepts Stage 1 Turbos Boost

This tune started from a FrankenTurbo F21 tune that I used with the same hardware, aside from the turbochargers.  The wastegates on the Turbo Concepts turbochargers are set about 1.5 psi less than what the FT’s had, so I was anticipating some adjustments needing to be made.  The first few revisions were not generating the results I was wanting, so I went back and logged the boost developed at a variety of fixed wastegate duty cycles.  A sample of some of these are shown below:

Turbo Concepts Fixed Wastegate Duty Cycle Boost Levels - 50, 60, 70
Turbo Concepts Fixed Wastegate Duty Cycle Boost Levels – 50, 60, 70.

I suspect one of the reasons this effort to modify the tune is proving a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated is on account of the unsteady boost curve.  I’d have expected a fixed WGDC to produce a straighter line.   I was concerned with the wastegates when I was trying to set the pre-load and was having trouble, the variations shown above further my concern about the wastegates on these turbochargers.