Disclosure Policy

MyAudiS4.com provides a channel for me to discuss topics related to the Audi B5 S4 which I understand could influence readers of this site.

Healthy skepticism about my methods and conclusions will serve a reader well.  Question what I have done and don’t blindly accept that my opinion is always correct, it certainly is not.

As of this date, June 11, 2017, I have never been paid to endorse a product, though I would dearly like to get paid to use kick ass parts, so if you think you have something I’d find beneficial to put on my B5 S4 and you want to pay me to use it, contact me right away at: flyboy@myaudis4.com

If that ever occurs I’ll be sure to mention the FTC Guidelines related to endorsing products, though I expect this is the only instance that I’ll ever have to mention the FTC on this site.

I am going to give a shot at Google AdSense and VigLinks since testing these parts is expensive.    How well that goes may be reflected in the direction that my testing takes.

So why is there now a Disclosure Policy?

  • Making a shift to allowing outside advertising on the site has made it important for me to communicate with the readers of MyAudiS4 what affect that will have on the site.  Besides seeing the Ad’s I don’t expect it to have any.  (Well I will have to spend some time managing the Ad placement to balance visibility with my content, and if the advertising kicks butt I may be able to test some things I wouldn’t have otherwise.)
  • I want to be clear that the presence of advertising does not change the approach that I take when assessing products that could be used on my S4, or the companies that sell them.
  • This Disclosure Policy is being presented to make the readers of the site aware that there is now some third party advertising being placed in the content of the site, but this does not comprise an endorsement of any of these products, I am keeping the site as it has been in the past, I will explain what I am doing and how my findings influence my decisions related to the Audi B5 S4.

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Philosophy on Testing:

As the site has shifted over the years to a larger portion being the testing of products and ideas I figure it’s worthwhile noting a few of my test philosophies.

  1. Obtaining actionable information is the point of testing.
  2.  Actionable information does not require an ideal test.
  3. State your assumptions and test shortcomings and let the reader decide how to interpret the results and your conclusions.
  4. Testing should serve a purpose, I test for three reasons:
    1. To aid in selecting components that will make my S4 better.
    2. To further educate myself.
    3. To help others when they request my assistance.

Philosophy on Modifications:

If you use information from my site to influence a decision read on to know where I am coming from.

  1. My goal is to safely improve the qualities of the S4 without unduly risking reliability. Therefore some of my choices have intentionally not pushed the performance envelope.
  2. I do not like a unpleasant riding car.
  3. I do not like a loud sounding car.
  4. I do not like a car that screams “Look at me.”
  5. I am generally unable to notice minute changes in performance of the car.  There are times when changes that I measure using equipment do not alter the driver perceived operation of the vehicle.
  6. My S4 is a daily driver.  I value having four doors and a good size trunk. I own an S4 because I wanted a 4-door sport sedan with exceptional safety features that has above-average performance.
  7. With the proper modifications the B5 S4 can have well above-average performance.
  8. If you want play the modification game, you need to be willing to pay.
  9. I have made some poor choices over the years while modifying my car, hopefully others can learn from these.

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