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August 10, called APR to speak with Hoss but ended up speaking to Little Joe. Asked if he had the authorization form so I could get the home programmer license and M ape file. Apparently he had not checked his email so he didn't realize that I had sent the form back. He said he would get it taken care of.

August 11, emailed Hoss at APR asking if he would be sending the Home programmer adapter that I needed for the M converted ECU.

August 12 (Friday), Call about the home programmer license and M ape file that still haven't been sent. Speak to Little Joe, tells me he thought it was taken care. Says Tom, who sends them out, is out for lunch but upon returning Little Joe will stand over him until he verifies he sends the files to me. Around 5 PM I still have not received anything so I call APR. Little Joe is not available so I try to leave a voice mail but the mailbox is full and cannot accept a message. Leave a message with the receptionist reminding Little Joe to send me the files since I still don't have them.

Speak with Hoss for a while discussing what I would like to have done with my car and when I am planning on bringing the car down. He suggests that they may be able to pick up the car and trailer it to their shop when they are in Maryland for an auto show. Tells me they will have a meeting with all concerned personnel at APR on Monday to discuss what will be taking place with my vehicle. We agree to speak again the day following their meeting.

August 15, call APR to ask Little Joe about the files but he is on the phone with someone. Leave a message with the receptionist reminding him that I am still waiting for the license to be sent to me. Do not hear anything back.

August 16, called APR and spoke with Hoss about the work I was going to have done and the delivery plans. Asked if I could speak to Little Joe afterward about the license and ape files, Hoss said he would remind him.

August 17, still no license or ape file. Send Little Joe an email requesting them.
Call APR and try to talk to Little Joe. He is out today. Ask for Hoss, on hold 20 minutes, and then they take my number and say he'll call me back. Hour and a half later no call back so I call again. Speak to Greg and ask if anybody is there that can help me. Cannot find anyone, asks if he can take a message and have Little Joe call me in the morning. Ask to speak to Hoss.

August 18, in the morning receive back an email from Little Joe saying that's he's trying to make it happen and will work on it some more today. At 4:40 pm I call APR and Hoss is out of the office and Little Joe is in a meeting. Greg says he will see what he can do. After being on hold for 10 minutes I hang up. At 5:40 pm I call back to APR and speak with Little Joe. He relays to me that the people who control the license file are wondering why I need the file, as there is some reluctance to give me the license file for two ecu's. Once more I explain why I am in need of the file, that I don't know what is on the M coded ECU and I cannot get the T code off my other ecu. He asks if the T code isn't running well. I finish explaining and say he really needs to speak with Hoss. Says he will talk to Hoss and I should call him back first thing in the morning.

August 19, at 12:30 I call and ask for Hoss or Little Joe. Hoss is helping load the trailer so I hold. Little Joe picks up and tells me he has spoken to Hoss and will forward Hoss the information needed to get me the license file. A minute later I am able to speak to Hoss. He says that he will work on getting me the license file today. He says that I should try calling in the afternoon and ask for Tom if I haven't received the file. By early evening I have not received the file, so I call and ask for Tom. I'm told he is not around. Two minutes after getting off the phone I receive an email with the license file and APE file attached.

August 24, I email Hoss notifying him that I will be flying into Montgomery on October 7th to pick up my car.

September 7, Call APR, Hoss is not available so I leave a voice mail for him. Later in the day I call back again and do not reach him, so I leave another message.

September 8, I call APR and am able to speak with Hoss about getting together at H2O.

Sept 13, Call at 11:45 and leave a message with APR's receptionist because Hoss is out of the office. Call again at 3:00 pm and leave a message for Hoss because he is in a meeting. Call at 4:30 pm and leave a message, Hoss is not around. 6:30 pm call and speak with Hoss. Asks if I can contact him the next evening for an answer to some of my questions.

September 14. I call APR at 4:50 PM to speak with Hoss. He is not answering the page and isn't at his desk, so I left a message with my phone number. At 6:11 PM I call again and speak to Greg. He informs me that Hoss had just gotten out of a meeting and was taking a phone call. He took my number and told me he would pass Hoss the message to contact me. I did not hear back from APR that night.

September 15, at 10:20 a.m. I call and am able to speak to Hoss. Discuss the tuning and I tell him I will call him the following week, a few days before I am to drop my car off, just to touch base.

September 21, call and speak to Hoss.

September 22, APR posts to the B5 S4 forum on Audiworld that they have four Stg3 kits available to "turn your S4 into a 420 HP monster." My expectation is now that APR will be tuning my car to get 420 HP out of it.

September 23, call APR and speak with Brett, who is one of the engineers who will be tuning my car. Ask if they've seen much of the data I've sent. He says they looked at it briefly a while ago but doesn't remember anything about it. Discuss the differences I've seen on the different code and ask if they've given any thought to switching the H and T code users over to M, since it seems to perform the best. He says that if the H doesn't perform as well it is likely because they overlooked a table when developing the software. He doesn't believe the chips perform differently, because if that were the case Audi would be required to have the different ECU's each pass emissions inspections, which is apparently very expensive. He states that if the H is running as well as the other code they need to find out why and correct the problem. I ask him to send me a copy of their baseline dyno, so I can compare to my own dyno plots, and to keep other data.

September 24, depart for Ocean City, Maryland.

September 25, arrive at H2O and deliver my car to Hoss at the APR stand.

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