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October 20, called APR around 11 am, Hoss was back at work. He was aware that they were going to drain the tank and replace the fuel, but didn't know if that had occurred. I expressed my concern with them completing the 93 and then 91 and 100 octane codes within this final 7 days. He said once they get the 93 done it would be short work to do the 91 and 100, just involving some checks and possibly some minor tweaks. I asked about where they were at in the process with the 93 octane and he said that was difficult to judge. I reminded him that there was only a week left now and the fact that they didn't know how far along they were was making me uneasy. He said he'd talk to their engineers and we'd speak again later in the afternoon.

Around 4:30 pm their time I called and asked for Hoss. Was told he was on another line, and after saying I would hold was told that he'd be some time and could they take a message. I asked them to inform Hoss to please call me, that I wanted to know how things were going with my car. Also asked for Little Joe but they thought he'd left.

At 5:45 pm I called again and asked for Hoss. I was told that he had gone home for the evening. I asked for either Brett or Little Joe, and was told Little Joe was available. After a short wait he came on the line and informed me that when they had replaced the gas the problem was resolved. He also said that he had misspoken when he had said the car was pinging, he said it was actually pulling a lot of timing, but not pinging. He also mentioned that their head of R&D was working on the car now as well, I guess that's Brett? I also asked Little Joe about the 91 and 100 code tuning, he said the same thing as Hoss, once they get a solid 93 tune it's very quick work to get the other codes, they just need to road test them to be sure they work and do minor tweaks if necessary.

I'm going to press Hoss to get me some hard data before I fly down there, (do I hear hell freezing over?), probably by next Wednesday. I want proof the car is working, as it should before I commit myself. No indication at this point that there are any issues with the tuning, so hopefully that's a good sign.

October 21, called APR this morning, Hoss was out again. Fortunately Little Joe was there and I was able to speak to him. I asked how things were going with the car and he said that he thought they were in the process of wrapping up the 93-octane tune.
I inquired about getting some of the dyno results, and he said that would be the last thing that they do. He suggested trying again on Monday to see where they were at, he thought they might dyno it today. I asked if he'd seen any numbers from the dyno but he had not. He did say that when he asked the engineers how the car was doing that they said it was "freaking fast." Lol, so hopefully that is a good sign.

October 24, Monday. 11 am called and spoke to Hoss. He didn't have specific information about what they have done, but he had spoke to Brett and they are on schedule to have the car ready for me by Friday. He's putting together an information packet of data that I have requested. I'll call him back on Wednesday to get another update and request any additional data I might like to see.

2:46 pm I receive a call from Stephen. He was wondering if it would be possible for them to have my car for an additional week so that they can further tune the 100/104 octane codes. After checking my schedule I agree to this.

October 25, Call APR at 11 a.m. and ask for Hoss, he is not in yet. Ask for Little Joe, he is not in yet either. Call back at 1:30 pm and ask for Hoss. On the line with someone else and is expected to be a while. Leave my number and ask how long he will be to get back to me, they estimate 30 minutes to an hour. Call again at 2:50 p.m. and am told Hoss has stepped away from the office. Little Joe is available and I speak with him briefly before he hands me off to Stephen. Tells me the new code is making 40-50 whp more than the old code. A short while later Stephen calls me and says he will fax me a copy of the dyno sheet. Receive the dyno sheet a few minutes later.

October 26, receive a call from Stephen informing me that he sent MarkP a copy of my dyno. Said work was still progressing.

October 27, speak to Hoss and Stephen at APR and recommend they do dyno tests of the old M code and new M code for proof of any performance gains.

October 28, called at 10:30 a.m. and asked for Hoss, not in yet but they expect him in half an hour. Call again at 11:30 a.m. and find out Hoss will not be in today. Talk to Little Joe and explain to him some concerns I have about what their priorities are and what my priorities are, also about doing the dyno test on the M code. He indicates that they are working on the 91-octane code, and have seen about 70 whp more with the new code. Says that if I call back in the afternoon he will try and get some answers for me. 3:20 p.m. call APR and ask for Little Joe, he's not available and Stephen is on another line, ask if I would like to leave a message. I indicate that I don't because I need to speak with one of them, Stephen finishes his call and we speak. I express my concern about the H code and how it performs versus the M code. He states that the new M code is making about 40 whp more than the old M code, and that the M and H versions of the code are performing the same on the dyno.

October 31, received a call at 11:30 a.m. from Ben at APR was calling to update me on the progress and ask about the operation of the water injection system in my car. He reiterated some of the numbers they have seen on 91 octane fuel, about 45-50 whp, and on the 93 octane about 30-35 whp. They have also compared the H and M codes and where before they were only equal in peak HP, now they are very similar in overall curve shape.

November 1, called at 2:00 p.m. Neither Hoss nor Little Joe was around. Called again at 4:20 p.m. and was able to speak to Hoss. Said that they had dyno tested the car with the water injection but hadn't seen any improvement. Asked if Ben could contact me to discuss, Hoss said he would tell him to call me in an hour and half. Mentioned that he and Stephen would not be there when I arrived on Friday, they would be at a SEMA conference. Did not receive a call later on. He also asked me to fax a copy of my additional travel costs to Little Joe so that they could write a check to reimburse me.

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