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November 2, 9:30 a.m. receive a call from Ben at APR. Describes for me what he's seen on the dyno. Working on 100 & 104 octane codes today. Send fax to Little Joe with my additional costs for reimbursement.

November 3, call APR around 10:30 a.m. and speak to Little Joe since Hoss is gone to SEMA. Not sure if there is an information pack there for me or not. Speak to Ben and right now his priority is to get the race gas software working.

November 4, begin my trip to APR. Arrive at APR in the afternoon and receive a tour from Ben as well as spend a couple hours talking about the tuning and going over the results. There is no packet of information waiting for me, so we photocopy some of the representative dyno pulls. The results of the tuning can be found here. There also is no reimbursement check for me. I'm told the person who writes the checks is gone for the day and that they will send me the check on Monday. I begin the drive home.

November 7, perform a FATS run with the new software and see a marked improvement.

November 15, APR announces release of updated software. Stephen posts information about release to Audiworld and thanks beta testers for their assistance, no mention of my efforts is made.

I email Little Joe and ask what is going on with my refund. I do not get a response.

November 16, Call APR and ask Little Joe what is going on with my reimbursement check. Says he forwarded my email to their financial person, says he'll check on it. Do not hear back anything.

Send Hoss an email asking what the status is of my reimbursement check.

November 17, receive an email from Hoss expressing regret that I have not yet received reimbursement check. Asks if I could send him a copy of my expenses if I have not sent this information to someone there already. I reply and tell him that I have already sent the information to Little Joe.

November 21, Receive email from Hoss stating that Little Joe cannot find the information and could I please resend the data.

November 22, Fax cost data to Hoss and send a follow up email notifying him of such.

November 28, still have not received reimbursement check. Call APR and speak ask to speak with Hoss, he is out sick today. Neither Stephen nor anyone else there knows anything about my reimbursement so they ask me to call back tomorrow.

November 29, Call APR and speak with Hoss. He asks me if I can fax them my cost data since Little Joe cannot find the copy I sent earlier. Inform him that sent him a fax a week ago. Hoss looks around and is unable to find the sheet, so asks me if I can send the data again, now for the third time. I immediately resend the fax and then call to confirm Hoss received it. Tells me they will apply a credit to my credit card.

December 1, No credit has shown up on my charge account. Consider calling APR but decide to give it one more day.

December 2, A FedEx next day package arrives from APR containing a reimbursement check, almost a month to the day after I was supposed to have received it and contrary to the statement that they would reimburse my credit card. Thus concludes my efforts to correct the issues with APR's Stg3 software.

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