S4/RS4 Parts Exchange

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2001S4Emergency TriangleGood condition15AvailableEmail
2001S4Hood StrutGood condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4Washer ReservoirGood condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4Wiper ArmsGood condition25AvailableEmail
2001S4ECU Box (Top)Good condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4Wiper Arm AssemblyGood condition30AvailableEmail
2001S4Bumper Shock MountsGood condition. Price for both w/ hardware.40AvailableEmail
2001S4Cabin Filter FrameGood condition15AvailableEmail
2001S4Runoff TrayGood condition15AvailableEmail
2001S4IntercoolersStock S4 Intercoolers25AvailableEmail
2001S4Coolant ReservoirCoolant expansion tank, Good condition30AvailableEmail
2001S4Battery TrayBattery Hold Down Plate, with hardware, Good condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4Snub MountSnub Mount Bracket and Hardware, Good Condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4CoverBattery/ECU Cover, Good Condition25AvailableEmail
2002S4Accordion HoseStock S4 Accordion Hose15AvailableEmail
2002S4Tail LightSantorin Trim, Good Condition25AvailableEmail
2002S4Steering WheelManual S4 Steering Wheel, No Airbag, Good Condition45AvailableEmail
2002S4Gas Filler DoorSantorin Gas Filler Door, Good Condition10AvailableEmail
2002S4ECU BracketECU Hold Down Bracket5AvailableEmail
2001S418" Wheels (4)18" OZ X-Line Power Wheels (4), Good condition725AvailableEmail
2001S4Avus Wheel Center Caps4 Avus Wheel Center Caps, Excellent condition40AvailableEmail
2001S4 RS4 Replica GrillRS4 replica grill with S4 badge, Good condition100AvailableEmail
2001S4 ABS moduleAbs module, Good condition10AvailableEmail
2001S4 BracketsMiscellaneous brackets, good condition10AvailableEmail
2001S4 Central locking pumpCentral locking pump, Good condition25AvailableEmail
2001S4 ESP computerESP computer, Good condition15AvailableEmail
2001S4 Fan bladesRadiator cooling fan blades, Good condition15AvailableEmail
2001S4 Mirror housingsSilver mirror housings, Good condition25AvailableEmail
2001S4 Headliner panelNon-sunroof sedan headliner panel, Good condition20AvailableEmail
2001S4 Harmonic balancerOEM harmonic balancer, ~46k mi., Good condition25AvailableEmail
2001S4 Oil capOil cap, Good condition5AvailableEmail
2001S4 Pressure accumulatorBrake pressure accumulator, Good condition30AvailableEmail

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