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VAST Performance customer experiences


VAST Performance claims to be an automotive performance and repair shop.  Claims is emphasized because as you will learn as you read on, for the majority of the business’ history it was never licensed to work on automobiles.

While this is unsettling, it is the pathetic customer service that VAST Performance has shown toward paying and prospective customers that is most troubling.

Here’s the licensing document that shows VAST Performance was not licensed until June 10, 2011.

Registration confirmation

and the document showing that they were never licensed prior to this 2011 registration.

Never licensed

Why this matters:

From the Michigan Secretary of State web site:

Reporting Unlicensed Mechanics.  It is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act to perform a motor vehicle repair for compensation without a valid certificate issued by the Michigan Department of State.

And what a person can do about it if they had work performed by VAST.  Note the last sentence.


“A customer is entitled to recover any amount paid to an unregistered facility for the repair of a motor vehicle belonging to that customer.“

If VAST Performance has ever caused problems for you, here’s where you can turn for assistance.

Michigan Secretary of State - Automotive Complaint Form

Here’s VAST’s info:

VAST Performance

2430 Grayson Street

Ferndale, MI  48220

(248) 399-2222

Have you had a bad experience with VAST Performance? 

Email your story to to inform other enthusiasts.

Recent News: The Stroble Law Firm in Michigan is accepting calls from any VAST Performance customers that are interested in seeking a return of money paid for work performed prior to June 10, 2011.  This is the firm that won back the car and money for the Audi owner detailed on the Lawsuit page.

Keep in mind that VAST Performance was not a licensed repair facility until June 10, 2011.  If the shop wasn’t licensed do you know if the mechanic that worked on your car was properly licensed?  They should have been (257.1305 sec 5 (1) ) Effective December 31, 1977, all motor vehicle repair facilities must have at least 1 specialty or master mechanic in its employ certified in each category of repair which it provides.”

Have you subsequently had a component failure that you dismissed as being due to bad luck?  If an uncertified mechanic worked on your car in the past would you wonder if a future component failure might be attributed to that lack of certification?  Read the Lawsuit page to learn about all of the errors that were made to that owners Audi.  Do you want to wait to find out after a problem arises if your car was properly serviced?

If your problem with VAST Performance is outside the purview of the Michigan Secretary of State, you can still file a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General.

Here is the AG’s complaint form.

Latest News: Lights out at VAST Performance

Recently VAST Performance ceased business operations.  More information about this development will be posted as it becomes available.